Equipment of Gamer

Equipment of Gamer

Equipment of Gamer

Gamers are no longer fat, anti-social nerds playing video games in their basements. Nowadays they are like celebrities. They are famous as much as traditional sportsmen, they play in advertisements and movies and people love them. Why? Well, times change. People are bored with traditional sport tournaments and want some new fun and competition. In addition more and more people starts to play games. What real gamer needs to have in his equipment?



It’s a must. Professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive players needs to have the best possible call headset They need to hear every footstep that their enemies make. Headset is a key. Not only CS:GO players need it. Every FPS (First Person Shooter) professional gamer needs it.

Even players who play League of Legends, Dota 2 or Overwatch need it during events, because crowd is very loud and without good soundproofed headphones they can have a lot of trouble.



It’s as important as call headset. Every gamer will tell that. Of course mouse cannot improve your reflex, but if your reflex is on point, you just need good mouse, that will not disappoint you. Professional gamers mostly choose products of Razer or Steelserier, but remember that logo does not equal quality. Just find the best one for you.




It seems that it is not so important, but it is. Just imagine a situation when you play a final game of worldwide tournament and in the crucial moment one of keys on your keyboard gets stuck in, so you lose the grand final and big prize, because of your keyboard. It would be a nightmare. So, that’s why it is so important. Maybe not so important as call headset, but still very.




In FPS-type games monitors with 144Hz refreshing win. Why? Because players that use them can see an enemy much faster than players with slower refreshing screens. Colors are important too. When monitor does not have good colors, it can hurt our eyes and we all know that our health is the most important thing.




Without it we wouldn’t play in any game. It is very important to have the best possible PC for the best experience. During a big tournament any of PCs cannot freeze or got broken, so they always care about quality of every computer. So as professional players in their own houses. They have the best gear, because they want to be the best. What is the most important part of PC? Well, it’s not easy to choose. Every game has different requirements and their core is built in different way. Some of them need better processors, other need more RAM memory and other need better graphic cards. The best that we can do is to choose the best parts and make the best possible PC we can do. Of course don’t get too far or you can spend all your money on it.

As we see, there is a lot of important things in equipment of gamer, like call headset or mouse, but we all need to remember that gear will not give us more skill or talent. We have to practice to become the best and compete with the best players on earth.